Day 781: Technology suuuuuuucks

Up at four this morning for cat / busy brain reasons, but got a good early start to the day intending to go back to work.

Then comes Jerkpod, and

  • no internet
  • half an hour trying to diagnose ISP problems
  • realizing the problem was the router
  • 45 minutes trying to restore and reset the router, install firmware, etc.
  • realizing the router was a lost cause
  • deciding to post from my wife’s laptop, which is plugged directly into the modem now
  • copying my password database and keyfiles so I can get to my passwords on this computer
  • updating the password database software
  • not being able to log into Jerkpod because the security plugin has gone bonkers
  • updating out of date ftp software
  • logging into ftp
  • disabling the security plugin
  • logging in here to post
  • concurrently trying to order a new router from Canada Computers
  • battling with their website, which seems to be up to date circa about 2005, so ordering something takes about eight steps more than I’m used to, including the world’s worst error delivery system when they can’t find your account information
  • involving a lot of webmail logins as I have their stuff sent to a spam account

… all this to post a post that’s under two minutes long. I’m now well over 90 minutes into a morning of tech support and faff that really doesn’t… do anything to make my life better.

Remember when technology was supposed to make our lives easier?