Day 782: Confirmation Boozeless

I’m sure it’s just confirmation bias, but the world seems a lot more sober these days. Stories like this one keep popping up in front of me — I’m not looking, they’re just appearing:

It’s partly “radar” — when I lived in Francophone Quebec, I could hear somebody speaking unaccented English from across a crowded Costco, and now seem to have those ears on all the time for French.

Partly interest, obviously. I notice these things, and don’t notice others, in the same way that I can tell you every store that sells board games in this city but would swear on a stack of bibles there is nowhere to buy shoes.

But it feels like more recently. I felt it about veganism a few years ago, and I’m feeling it about sobriety now. Something’s up. I could be wrong — I often am — but my gut says something’s up.