Day 791: My Sober Wife

Great news, everyone! It’s been a month now and she now feels okay and solid with me sharing it; my wife has decided to take the not-drinking plunge as well.

There are varied reasons, and it’s a bigger step for her than it is for me, socially, as she had (and has) a lot of connections that intersect between women and beer. But there were some medical factors in play, and ultimately it was the decision she made — not me, I stress.

Am I overthinking it? Of course! Overthinking ‘R’ Us over here. I feel great that she’s made the choice, but still feel like my example was a factor and not 100% a positive one. I tried my best to not be all ex-smoker about it, but I worry that it might have been inadvertent.

I am, however, thrilled that she’s on this journey with me, and I’m seeing her seeing the things that started leaping out at me in the first six months. Particularly how pervasive booze is. You can’t turn on a TV show or a movie without people going for drinks. You can’t read a magazine without seeing advertising. It truly is everywhere.

She’s in the toughest months right now, so support is super important. I’m happy she’s choosing this, and happy to be there for her.