Day 794: The Weight

I bought a weighted blanket for my wife as a Valentine’s Day gift a while back (probably longer than you’d think, it was an early gift). She loves it! It’s very soothing for her.

I had a chance to try it last night and not so much, as it turns out. I thought I’d dig it! I like it when the cat sleeps on me. But it’s hot, and after a while I just felt trapped — I am a constant sleep adjuster; I bet I change positions at least once every 10 minutes all night. Being a bit pinned down was sleep-frustrating for me.

And I had nightmares! I can’t blame the blanket, but I almost never have nightmares. So what the heck, let’s blame the blanket.

On track with everything else; pretty tired this morning so contemplating a back-to-bed scenario before I head to work. We’ll see how my time goes after correspondence. Correspondence! I’m 80.