Day 803: Future School, Back to Bed

I guess the big news is I’ve been accepted to the LLM program at Queen’s, so as early as this September I’ll be taking classes and working toward a Master’s degree in Law. I’m an unconventional candidate for the school, not having a law degree, but I guess I was convincing in the cover letter and submitted writing work.

To say I’m nervous about it is a bit of an understatement; I’ve never been a serious student, having gotten a BAA in Radio & Television, of all things, and only having had done some online undergraduate-level work since then.

I’m also excited, obviously — the subject I’m choosing to focus on is legitimately fascinating, and I’m really happy about my choice of supervisor.

What can I do to prepare?


I mean, read and stuff too, obviously, but right now I got up at 4 a.m. with Marisa. I’ve half-assed some exercise, and now it’s back to bed so I can spring up, shower, prep food, log food, and keep on the “back on track” vibe I’ve been happy to restore since recent overwork and tragic news threw me off.