Day 813: Last Day of Vacation!

It’s been a good one! Not the best as far as exercise and food go, but great for relaxation. I know I’m’a take a hit on the scales tomorrow, but I feel refreshed, which is great, and ready to… keep that refreshed feeling? Is that weird? That sounds weird.

The return to normal tomorrow also marks a return to running, as winter is now officially over and the streets are free of ice. I’ve been legit excited about this for a couple of months; two years ago was a great running year, last year less so, but I have a good feeling about 2019.

Being on vacation was also a revelation in terms of Newly Sober Wife. This is, again, something I constantly dread that I’ve imposed on her despite probably a thousand reassurances by now that it isn’t. But the feeling of dread when somebody is drinking and you’re not, and you’re not sure where it’s gonna go or if you’re along for the ride — or the booze hostage effect — having those things removed is amazingly liberating. It’s been a joy.