Day 821: The “yo” in “yo-yo”

Ahhh, I knew that the break that kind of spanned the back half of March would be bad on the scales, and I’m back on the scales and no surprises, it’s not great. In the interim I ate a lot of cheese, which was fun.

But — as they say — fall down seven times, get up eight. I think I’m at “fall down thirty-four times” or something at this point, but I keep getting up! And each time the streaks run a little longer and the gains are a little more substantial. I’m cracking the formula, it’s just taking longer than I thought.

My longest streak of 2019 is 31 days of logging; I can top that. Starting today. No big distractions like birthdays or anniversaries or vacations coming up either; I think I’m looking at a nice long ramp of no ‘interruptions’ to put myself on solid footing to break that 31-day streak. I’m running again; I’m committing to simplifying my life. I can do it!