Day 822: Simplifyin’ is hard

I love life! That’s what it comes down to. But I love too much of it! Art, books, music, video games, comics, movies, creating things, helping other people create things, researching, writing, exercise, outdoor activities, learning, teaching, coaching, playing, puzzles, board games, cartoons… that’s a list of things I can legitimately say I’ve done, either consuming or creating, in the last month.

I keep feeling the urge toward simplicity, but the countering urge, which is that there’s a ton of amazing stuff out there and I want to experience it or contribute to it, is super powerful too.

I kind of envy people who have one thing. One really strong pull toward a single medium, or cause, or interest. I don’t really have one single draw, because I’m drawn to so many things.

An interesting thing to think about when I think about simplifying.