Day 837: Rockin’ the Morning

Another 4 a.m. up, as my wife’s starting at 5; I’ve actually made dinner for tonight (mostly, there’s two components left to go) as well as the Everything Else; I’m going to try to grab a short nap before heading to work as well.

Good sleep hygiene would suggest that I should get up at 4 a.m. all the time, but that’s insane, and the cats won’t let me sleep once my wife is up; they’re awake at that point, and since they get fed at five and I’m the guy who makes it rain in the morning, it’s not my wife they bug.

So I lean into the early up, and now dinner’s (almost) made, cats are fed, exercise and shower done, I’m dressed — the big question becomes “nap or not,” and if I nap, whether I’ll have time for book work this morning.

But a regular 4 a.m. up is off the table.