Day 838: Good Friday!

Late sleep in this morning, but still getting on track for the full day — exercise, shower, dressed, and planning a three-day weekend. Honestly it’s not that different than a regular weekend, except I have some volunteer work to do and would really like to clean the basement.

In another window on this computer I’m trying another attempt at a personal to-do list. I rock these at work, but I’m brutally bad at them at home — it’s an interesting issue, and I think it’s largely because I do 90% of my work-work in front of a computer, and don’t spend that much time in front of a screen at home (and I’m trying to cut down on phone use).

So my preferred todo method, PlainTasks plugin for Sublime Text 3, doesn’t really work at home as it’s difficult to access on the fly. I use Wunderlist with my wife for groceries and stuff, but that’s not really a great system either — I need to subdivide what I’m doing or it gets overwhelming, and I don’t want to maintain sixteen different lists in Wunderlist.

These are good problems to have, which I recognize — just some context for the weekend.