Day 840: Spring into Sunday!

That seems like yesterday, again. Oh well — still a good idea. No radio show on Sundays, and up late with a nice sleep in, but time to get to work. The project of the year is the side yard; to be done as cheaply as humanly possible, as we need to save money for the 2020 kitchen reno.

My feeling is we’re gonna need a guy with a backhoe, at least, and from there money for materials but not necessarily money for labour. The good thing about non-critical stuff like yardwork is there’s a bit of tolerance for error, so even if a mistake is made, it’s fixable or at least amendable down the line.

The key here, though, is getting up and getting to it, when what I rrrrrreally feel like doing is firing up a video game or something for half an hour and waiting for the weather to get better. But we also have to get the laundry in, which means getting out of the sleepin’ clothes I’m in now, which means getting up anyway… bah.