Day 847: Dungeons & Dragons

I’m really loving the online D&D game I have going — especially since we switched to 9 p.m. starts, which means I’m only half-asleep for half of it now. It’s been great to connect with friends and hang out; staying in touch with guys I’ve known since high school (while also, you know, plotting and slaying things. I have a familiar; an imp-like creature called a ‘quasit’ who I have named Joey Peanuts. We have a good time).

It’s a different kind of gaming than video games, as I discussed with my DM on a radio show yesterday. And quitting video games is proving to be surprisingly hard — it’s almost like drinking, where I get a fuzzy sense of fun nostalgia and an altered state of mind; in this case pure distraction. It take a “play it forward” head check to remind myself that it’s kind of empty calories, lifewise, and spending the same time drawing, practicing an instrument, writing, even if it’s just notes or goofy stuff — is a better way for me to feel better about that time spent down the line.

The D&D, though, is a hoot and also spending time with people, which is what I don’t get from gaming. I understand that it is possible, with online games and guilds and etc., but that’s a time commitment that I just can’t absorb right now.