Day 849: Breaking up (with video games) is hard to do

Here’s the thing: I decided about a week ago that video games were a terrible distraction in my life, and not really doing anything for me other than momentarily distracting me from things I should be addressing and that were causing me to seek the distraction.

That’s a messy sentence… let me try another run at this.

That’s how my brain goes. Or went. I’m trying to quit video games, but it’s hella hard and also I’ve discovered that there are LOTS of ways to distract myself that ultimately aren’t super productive…

  • Adding artist images to artists on my Plex server
  • Reading comic books on my iPad
  • Reading “real” books by grown-up authors, without pictures

So clearly quitting comics (and podcasts) is not a panacea that leads me directly to more productivity and focus; it just leads me to different kinds of distraction. I think my hope is I’ll bore myself into submission and start cleaning the basement or something, but that hasn’t happened yet.