Day 852: Blasted in the Face with Happy

Some friends gave m a happy lamp — a full-spectrum blah blah blah — last week — and unlike those little units I’ve seen and had before this thing is HUGE. Like an 18″ wide bulb, the whole unit is probably 20″ across. It’s physically a bit painful to look right at it, like you’re looking at the sun or AT THE FACE OF GOD or something.

So even though spring is here, we’re in the deep doldrums of rainy spring — it’s been sunny a total of once, when I’ve walked to or from work, in the past week. And I am cranking this bad boy up when I come in to do this every morning, for 10-15 minutes of joy light blasted directly into my face.

Is it helping? Maybe? I know I’m cyclical, so it’s hard to tell what’s happy lamp, what’s CBT, and what’s just naturally me looping back up after a down phase.