Day 856: Technical Difficulties

Arrgh… site infection yesterday led to my webhost (correctly) shutting my site down until I could clean it, which has now been done. But that threw me off, and required me to change a bunch of site passwords, and since Dropbox, for reasons unknown to me, is no longer syncing from work, I just discovered I don’t have the passwords to log into the site, or my FTP server, etc. 

It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it is aggravating. 

Technology! It’s a multi-edged sword. I’d say two-edged, but I can think of at least three or four edges. All of this is gratifying in a weird way, because it’s a reminder of how much STUFF I know — not exactly super useful skills, in a practical way, but there’s a chunk o’ understanding I have about how the Internet works, and websites, etc., which is proving to be more and more a life skill than I ever dreamed it would be when I was building my first HTML site way back… huh. I legitimately don’t remember what the first website I ever built was. Hm. I’d have to think about that…