Day 857: The UnF* It Diet

It just doesn’t sit right.

I’ve been thinking pretty consistently about the F* It diet thesis for the past 48 hours, and maybe this is just me being obstinate or immature, but I’m not ready to acquiesce. I still think I can do this.

I’m also a smart guy and aware of the sunk cost fallacy: I’ve invested two and a half years in this project, so throwing in the towel on getting fit is as much about pride, and sunk cost in terms of attention and time and thought, as it is about actual good decisions.

I am yo-yo’ing, though. That’s inescapable. I’m in an up and down pattern constantly. I get on track, then something happens — vacation, injury, illness, emotional slump — and I get off track. Absolutely true. It keeps coming back to discipline, and consistency.

And it’s a bit tiring to keep coming back to that same point of “I don’t know what can motivate a true lifestyle change,” especially if dedicating time to thinking and writing/talking about it every day hasn’t done it. Mindfulness, at least in the morning, is present.

But I’m not ready to throw in the towel.

I’m all the way back to Day 13: Kill the Bear. That’s 844 days ago. 844 days ago, I was talking about this key piece of motivating thought: if other people can do this, I can do this.

So what have I been doing for 844 days? Shouldn’t I be looking at a whole lot of dead bears?