Day 858: 100 Days – Change or Surrender

August 17 is 100 days from now. Thinking about this “F* It” diet thesis, and feeling like it’s a form of quitting — and I’m not ready to quit — I’m setting a deadline. 100 days is arbitrary but it’s also easy to count.

I have tools, I have time, and I’m a smart friggin’ guy. I can make a big change in 100 days if I make it a priority.

So I’m’a do it! Nothing fancy, nothing extreme, just 100 days of trusting and executing a system I’ve built over two years of trial and error. Today’s day one; I’ve locked in my exercise, and I’m about to prepare and log food and get ready for work.

Percentages help. It’ll be 99% left tomorrow. In ten days, I’ll be one-tenth done.