Day 864: Day Two of 100; knowing my motivation

Drink deep! Drink deep from the cup of MOTIVATION!

It’s strange, but now that I’ve got a clearer idea of what my motivation is, I think this 100 days thing is going to go more smoothly. Even if the motivation is, to be blunt, not great compared to a lot of other motivators.

Motivation is motivation, though, and even if it’s vanity, that’s still motivation. Good exercise both yesterday and today; early up today, so I’m going to try to squeak in a nap before work.

It occurs to me that “productive vanity” isn’t a bad motivator for other things in my life as well. Maybe I need to think about that when I get work doldrums, or house renovation blahs — impressing people, again, probably shouldn’t be a reason to do things. But if I’m honest with myself, and I like people to be impressed by me is a truth, and the end results are good — I’m doing solid things of real benefit, not just chasing accolades — well, the work’s still getting done.

98 days to go!