Day 866: Personal Focus Goal, Jerkpod in One Go (Day 4 of 100)

It’s rare I just do this in the morning.

A normal Jerkpod consists of me sitting down, turning my computer on, opening a web browser, logging into this site, then opening my email in another tab, then writing the title for today, then possibly checking another site, or MetaFilter, or looking up some bit of trivial information that wandered across my brain.

I almost never do this in one go: sit down, computer on, browser open, write then record, upload, and post. I’m trying to do it today and it’s actually hard. I have every temptation to just check my email super quick or find out whether or not Huey Lewis and the News released any albums after “Fore” or… something.

The social media diet has helped with distractibility, but it’s clearly not a cure-all.

So today, I’m forcing myself to do this in one go: write this post, record it… all the steps up to being done and online. Again, it’s difficult. It’s almost like my hands are itching.

I do have an attention span! If I need to focus on a project at work, or at home, I can crack away no problem for long periods of time. But my mind wanders a lot during creative processes — even just a simple blog like this one. Which is a good thing, I guess. I wind up wondering, though, if there’s just a baseline resistance to self-reflection, even after 860+ days, that pushes me to distraction when I do this exercise.