Day 871: Mental Bouvier (Day 9 of 100)

It was a tiny side trip off-piste, but back on track with food logging and exercise, and back on track to meet that 100-day goal.

I’ve been slipping in other areas, though — absent Netflix, I’ve been backfilling bad movies and tv shows through the kindness of friends, and despite a “some junk food is good for you” games policy, I’ve found it real easy to get back in that habit. It’s constant realignment, right? Goodbye Terraria on the PC, and while deleting the Plex server is too strong a move, I’m gonna stop second-screening TV again and try to get back to a “TV in the living room as a focused activity” position again.

Swing out, swing back, repeat — that’s the nature of it. Don’t freak out about deviations, just get back on the track. It reminds me of a dog my parents had — a huge Bouvier de Flandres. Bouviers are herding dogs, so if I went for a walk with my folks, and one of us sort of deviated from the group because we were talking or just sort of meandering, the dog would come up beside us, and nudge our flank with its huge head to get us back with the pack. That’s what I’ve got going on. A big mental Bouvier.

91 days to go!