Day 877: Pictures! (Day 15 of 100)

This is not something I’m going to be transparent about, but I’ve been thinking that pictures might be a good motivator, so I’ve enlisted my wife’s help in taking front-and-side photos that I’ll update… probably weekly? to see whether there’s a visible difference in what’s going on. This is inspired in part by the Progress Pics subReddit, which seems to be healthy and supportive, not like crazy body dysmorphic or anything. Also very supportive of trans posters, which is nice.

It’s actually a pretty inspiring place to be for a bit, especially when I discovered I can search for stories of people in my height range. Reading some stories really does underscore the need for consistency and treating this as a lifestyle change, not as a project that will stop some day. Plus it gets my competitive / “kill the bear!” side going.

Right now, I’m adopting the AA “One Day At A Time” approach starting today. I have been freaking myself out a little with the “never snack again” mentality, which then turns into “snack today and you can never snack again tomorrow!”. So I’m trying to shift my headspace to one day at a time — it worked for drinking, and it can work for this.