Day 880: Run Like Hell (Day 18 of 100)

Oh, man. “Run 5k in one direction and then run back” was definitely the winning strategy today, because left to my own devices I would have packed it in at seven. 3000 metres of torture today; leaden legs, heart thudding, just no mojo at all. But when you have to get home one way or the other, walking 3k is so much slower than running that you might as well run. Well, jog. Well, shuffle.

Tomorrow will wrap up my first Week Of Really Serious Exercise in a long time, when every day has been about putting in best effort rather than kind of just doing things. This is my third 10k in five days, and with tomorrow’s row I’ll have earned a Sunday of rest for sure.

I’m kind of enjoying the one day at a time idea, and it’s interesting now to search this blog to see if I’ve tried it before and forgotten that I did it. I sort of have. It’s weird how much of this only ever lives in my short-term memory and then gets erased.