Day 881: Managing overtraining (Day 19 of 100)

Yesterday’s run was brutal, and I spent the rest of the day feeling my heart — I haven’t worn a heart rate thinger in about two years (no use for ’em, in the end), but I recognize overtraining. Going up a flight of stairs at work got me sweaty.

So today was good exercise, but about being slow, deliberate, and paying a lot of attention to form on the rowing machine. I wound up sweaty anyway — it turns out control takes effort, just different effort than hard aerobics.

The Magic Bag will be put to the test this weekend as my wife’s working shifts; I do well when there’s somebody else in the house, not in a direct policing way, but it just sort of ambiently helps, somehow. One day at a time! Off for radio soon, then a day of various chores; then on my own to maintain good behaviour for the evening.