Day 884: Still computerrrrrrs (Day 22 of 100)

I am fighting the temptation to turn this into an “Ubuntu is hard!” blog and podcast.

But Ubuntu is hard. I actually got hectored the other day for not having an intimate understanding of it when looking for help on a Plex-related issue, which was annoying, but one soldiers on.

It’s a pain, but at the same time, it’s also an education — arguably, messing around fixing Ubuntu so I can run Plex is a better use of my time than actually watching things on Plex, which is kind of ironic, when I think about it. I’m learning a ton about filesystems, how Ubuntu works, file organization, and getting a refresher on a lot of things I once knew like tarring archives, etc.

So I’m off to resolve an invalid arch-independent ELF magic error, then fill the Magic Bag, and another day at a time! Which is still going well, by the way.