Day 888: That’s three 8’s! (Day 26 of 100)

Things are… still good. Sleeping well (probably partly because of good regular exercise), feeling positive. Yesterday was a bit of a challenge for the ol’ Magic Bag, because even if you can see a menu online before you visit a restaurant, you still don’t know exactly what the food will be, and I felt full all afternoon in an uncomfortable way I haven’t felt since I started this, with an added appearance from the Salt Monster.

My first weight gain in two weeks on the scales this morning too — again, I suspect not really understanding portions when I filled the magic bag in the morning, and some water retention after a delicious (but salty [and that’s why it’s delicious!]) meal.

Today’s another restaurant day! So I’m going to be very conservative with food for the rest of the day and save up, and try to do a little presearch to see what our options are. The town we’re going to abuts a reserve, which means there might be more interesting food options, but the vegan question is always a good one.