Day 890: Birds and Cats, Rabbits and Foxes (Day 28 of 100)

Good run this morning; nothing record-breaking but then again, records are infrequent by design. Rabbits on the trail, which is nice to see; I’ve seen urban foxes recently too, which I’m guessing is related to the rise in urban rabbits recently. People think the foxes are charming but don’t like seeing them eat the rabbits; they especially don’t like seeing the foxes eat their cats, but then again, the cats are eating the songbirds, so.

The point? Not sure; just running 10k in a developed environment and watching nature creep in. A walk in the woods yesterday had us surrounded by birdsong at one point, which is something we don’t have at home.

A little more snacking yesterday than I’d like; some slippage due to D&D night wreaking havoc on my sleep; I tried to nap but it didn’t happen, so I was super tired and my willpower was low. Not that big a deal in the balance; just reinforces the need for the magic bag.