Day 893: Pain So Great I Can’t Remember It (Day 29 of 100)

This isn’t my first time with kidney stones, but yesterday was almost definitely worse than the first time — mercifully, it looks like, short. The first time was several months (which is a really, really long time); yesterday was acute, but I seem to have passed through it overnight.

I literally can’t recall how painful it was, which is a weird sort of memory hole. I know, intellectually, that I threw up from the pain, almost passed out, and was barely capable of calling a cab or texting my wife at points. I know I couldn’t sit down and pacing was the only thing that kept it manageable. But unlike a burn, or a bee sting, or a cut, which I can summon a sense memory for, I can’t bring the actual pain to mind. I’ve blocked it out.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be rid of it (I think) — I think I passed it in the night, as I feel fine this morning, even without eight hours of pain meds. But I’m going to keep taking the urethra-enlarging medication (that’s a thing that exists!) and drinking 2L of water a day, which was kind of the plan anyway.

Yesterday and today are a bit of a wash for tracking, etc., due to, well, trauma. But I intend to be back on things tomorrow.