Day 906: My Spouse, My Role Model

My wife’s been very inspiring lately. Despite my being in the doldrums, she’s been relentlessly helpful and supportive, really working to help me cover daily life stuff and being a champion of, well, me at home.

She’s out for a run now, which I should be doing; I’m still in the Grand Funk (but I think it’s been better for the last couple of days).

She’s doing sobriety better than I did, despite being more invested in booze as a writer and podcaster before she started. In fact, in the time we’ve been married she’s led a lot of transformations: veganism, fitness, cat fostering (although we wound up adopting the cats), and a lot more.

In short, she’s pretty amazing and I’m proud of myself for somehow convincing her to hang out with me for the rest of our lives.