Day 910: Deck Day, New Thing, Stop at 1K?

My wife and I have teen talking about her sobriety journey and trying to do something together on the shared journey; it’s an attractive idea, and we are sympatico for the radio show, so the broad general idea is we’re going to stop doing the radio show and focus on a new project called Dry and Mighty, a blog/podcast about sobriety and couplehood.

We even have a theme song:

The current idea is I might wrap up Jerkpod at the 100th episode to focus on this with her. So Jerkpod will continue, but in a different format, with more substance and jokes and less a daily project where I complain about things.

Today is deck day! We moved a lot of stuff around so we could really focus on the deck today. So as soon as this posted I’m putting on sunblock and heading outside to GET THINGS DONE.