Day 927: Feeling oddly positive

I feel like the last month has been a cycle of me reporting “I feel better!” and then discovering I don’t feel that much better, then feeling a bit better than that and reporting “I feel better!”, then discovering… repeat forever.

But today, I feel pretty good. Got up early (wife early shift), but had a cup of coffee, talked myself out of laziness into a good 5k on the rower, have grabbed a shower and am feeling all right. Going to head into work early to sift through 72 hours of emails, which would have me feeling gutted two weeks ago but now I kinda look forward to.

It’s nice to feel okay; I think my wife’s been a rock, which has helped a lot, and I’ve been productive in my time off (yesterday wound up being a mass of yard maintenance and garage cleanout, which I didn’t enjoy at the time but felt great when I stopped).

I’m excited but a bit nervous about the next thing; I think it could be great, and I’m looking forward to working on it with my wife.