Day 928: a little meditation

I’m going to take another kick at the meditation can, with the wrinkle that it’s going to be a morning thing, not an evening thing. Evenings just never worked for me for some reason, but mornings are spaces where I can (usually) carve out a couple of minutes, and the idea of a bit of centering before I plunge into the day is a nice idea.

Probably after exercise, though.

With 72 days to go in this thing, I’m still feeling good and positive about ending this on a high note. The June depression definitely hit me hard healthwise, which is a hill to climb (again), but I’m trying to take some positive steps to keep that from recurring, both at work and by trying some new stuff — like meditation — to fend off future episodes of all that hibby.

Exercise is the prescription from the doctor, and that’s back on track now too, which should be helpful.