Day 938: Sewin’ Sunday

Heading out in a few minutes to get some coin rolling papers — we’re doing the three-year dump of coins, to help defray the upcoming cost of a family visit — and print out a shirt pattern my wife bought me, so I can start sewing my own “summer shirts.”

Why pay others for garish weird short-sleeves when I can garish my own weird short-sleeves?

There’s an interesting space for “fun projects” in my head; it’s hard to separate work and projects. Playing video games is a fun thing, for instance. Reading a book is relaxing. But sewing, renovation stuff, building furniture… it’s not fun in the way that a video game is fun, but it’s still a leisure time pursuit and should be fun? I think?

I certainly like the end results, so that must make the middle parts worthwhile. Does a fun result mean the pathway was also fun? Or is sewing “leisure work” with a fun outcome?