Day 956: Run Morning

Good run this morning. And a good day yesterday! Dry and Mighty is starting to take shape; website is under construction, some social media placeholders are set up, and a few good conversations about content, audience, etc.

After a few days off work, am I ready to retire? It sure feels like it — the days are full, and I totally get how people get busier post-retirement. We spent most of the morning cleaning the fridge! It went well! The fridge looks great! But that was, like, the morning. I’m starting to get a better sense of how people fill retirement time, and why my parents’ house always looks so great.

Two weeks till I start my academic career again, and… quick math… 44 days until Dry and Mighty begins. I’m trying to hit one post / piece of writing for the latter every day, which is doable (I do this daily, after all!). Both at the same time? Scary, but (probably) manageable. The key there is not to get too ambitious before it starts, or disappointed if it doesn’t meet up with my completely self-imposed and unnecessary expectations.