Day 964: Another paddle; tracking troubles

Great paddle this morning! Uploading a video to YouTube, my second attempt at shooting the paddle, which is much better this second go-round but also involves having the camera in a bracket off the side of the canoe, so the next step is to jerry-rig some sort of cable to make sure it can’t fall into the water.

I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders except tracking and checklists; work is going well, I’m exercising daily, I don’t feel like food is going poorly. I’m just not tracking, which I know is not good, I just haven’t gotten back into it. I need to get my box back up! Or some sort of other big visual cue in the evening.

Canoeing is great but it’s a full two-hour rigamarole in the morning if I’m out on the water for more than an hour, so gotta roll…