Day 966: I Need To Relax About The New Thing

Had a good and long talk with my wife yesterday about Dry and Mighty, with the clear feedback that I need to… walk back on my expectations of this being a major endeavour, and just kind of chill out about all of it a bit more.

I have a tendency to do things to the hilt, and kind of burn out on them, which has always been my way. Slow, steady maintenance of a regular project over the span of forever has never been my jam (in fact, this and writing a webcomic called Man-Man might be the only long-term hobby commitments of my life, really. Oh, and being the webmaster for the Canoe Club. And doing WAFFLES! every week for four and a half– maybe I’m being too hard on myself).

All that to say, the analogy I came up with to ask about her expectations was “are we building a cottage, or is this a walk in the woods?” Both are good things! But a walk in the woods requires little preparation and you don’t really care about any lasting effects. We aren’t inviting people over to our walk in the woods.

It’s looking like the new podcast is going to be more a walk in the woods than a Big Deal, which is wise, given I’m also going back to school in the fall.

Oddly enough, I have to wrap this up so I can go have a literal walk in the woods.