Day 967: Changing Seasons

A chilly run this morning, and a reminder, along with the shifting sunrise for morning paddles, that summer’s ending. It seems to have gone quickly this year; a slow ramp into it, and then an abrupt ending. This is one of the perils of staycation — without a week of punctuation and being away, the past months kind of collapse into a same-ness.

Baked bread around a run this morning, which is fun — I like bread! And baking.

With a day in the rear-view, I think the “walk in the woods; do what you feel” approach to Dry and Mighty makes a LOT of sense. I haven’t really thought hard about the impact of six hours of class a week on my schedule, plus readings and assignments. It’s going to be a lot! Not overclocking on another project is likely the most sensible possible way of going about this.