Day 968: Nightmares!

I don’t know what psychic chaff I’m burning off, but last night was wall to wall nightmares — which, in my world, are usually travel stress dreams, involving lost luggage, missed connections, and at one point being chased by a bull.

Are these even nightmares? My wife dreams of being murdered all to heck my monsters. Those are nightmares! I had a lot of “the road is closed even though the sign said it had one lane open, now I have to backtrack, oh no something is wrong with the clutch and the car keeps slipping into neutral” stuff.

At any rate — I was up and down all night, so let myself sleep in this morning and am now running late for everything. I’m getting back on track (hooray for leftover coffee).

What’s most interesting is why nightmares? Things are going quite well. There might be a temptation to try to read something into travel dreams, specifically, but travel stresses seem to be my sole form of nightmare.

Upcoming schoolin’ and Dry and Mighty, possibly. Work is never without stress; that’s part of the job (but it’s not extraordinary right now, I would say).

Maybe sometimes the brain chaff just builds up and needs to get jettisoned.

Anyway: nightmares! And my nightmares are weird; more about being thwarted and frustrated than physically menaced (except by the bull).