Day 970: One month to go!

Wow! School starts next week, Dry and Mighty starts in October — I think we’ve pegged the first Sunday in October as our recording date. Big things are afoot!

Full disclosure: I am still not good with tracking, and I think I’ve been worse with food than I’ve been letting myself believe. I feel heavy. And while I know there’s no “something will save me” moment in the wings, I’m kind of hoping that the back to school business will make me.. better. The rigid focus will give me a kind of splashover focus that will radiate out to other routine stuff. Because I’ll need that kind of routine to stay sane while doing work, school, and other stuff.

So it’s a bifurcated head thing, where one track is “relax now, you’ll be glad you did when school starts,” and the other track is “you fool, you’re just making excuses to eat Skittles.” I suspect the second one is correct.