Day 972: Radio Friends

Quick Jerkpod today, then off to do radio with a guest from out of town. Doing the show with friends is always fun and something I’ll miss about it.

Doing things with friends is fun, actually, and something my wife and I both admit we’re not the best at: we’re friendly people, and have friends, but aren’t naturally social — we tend to get into and stick to our own grooves, and while we periodically get cases of the we-shoulds, don’t always actually act on them.

And I don’t think that’s going to change! It’s okay to acknowledge a not-great tendency and not feel like you have to dedicate shattering amounts of energy to change it. It’s just a not-great thing. Nobody’s getting hurt (except us, a bit) by it, though.

Hermits 4eva! Or until we decide it’s something worth making meaningful changes about.