Day 976: Ramping up to a strong finish

With less than 25 days to go on this, I feel like I’m on track (again). This does nothing to address the underlying issue that I’ve discovered, and failed to resolve, for 1000 days (almost).


I know that’s not a word.

As much as I’ve tried to resist the idea of the yo-yo, I’m, like, the platonic ideal of the yo-yo person. I am at the bad end of the yo swing right now, and fighting to get back!

So yeah. That’s the eternal challenge. I can get on track. But I can’t stay on track. It’s like the old joke: I know I can quit smoking, I do it twice a week.

Admittedly, I did go through a cataclysmic period in June. It’s still a bit haunting! I know that sounds melodramatic, but it’s true — that was a whole I did not like that and I do not want it to happen again, which applies to both the kidney stones and the bout with horrific depression.

Strangely, there’s a lot of overlapping Venn diagram between kidney stone advice and depression advice.


Drink a lot of water.

Eat smart.

I’ve been doing well about those, more or less, but I still feel like it’s been a slow climb back from June, and now that I’m back on the positive swing, stopping the yo is the challenge I’m going to be carrying out of this. I’ve got tactics! I’ve got methods! I’ve got a full toolbox of things I need to succeed, but it’s keeping that toolbox in use that’s the challenge.

This is where my head’s at for the last 20-odd days: I have a method, and if I follow it, I do extraordinarily well, and feel great. So why do I stop? Why do I let it fall off?

Can I crack the puzzle in 20 days?

Probably not, but I should try.