Day 979: Man, I Love Sleep

Seriously! I really, really, enjoy sleep. Not, like, in a depressed way, just in a “genuine enthusiasm” kind of way. Sleep’s great!

I’m writing this because, no surprise, I just woke up — Saturdays are wonderful, but I have to say I’m looking forward to the radio show ending and being able to sleep in a bit more.

Studying this weekend! I’ve got a lot on the go, educationally — taking one course, auditing another, and law courses are very read-ish. I’ve got about 40 pages of contracts, and dozens of my advanced research course.

Which is fine/good! It’s what I signed on for. I’m excited about it. It’s just what it is right now, and for the next year or so: lots and lots of reading!

And, hopefully, naps.