Day 980: Brain Concerns

Oh, man! What if my brain is not big enough?

I’m… not like super worried, but still mildly worried, about the ol’ grey matter and my ability, in my mid-40s, to absorb new information quickly and en masse. Certainly remote from anything resembling freaking out — I did take a number of classes online over the past few years, and did really well — but there’s some pride and some passion involved here, especially since I’m moving into the realm of academia.

Keeping up with the reading isn’t a problem, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mildly concerned about absorption. I’ve read a ton over the past few days, but I think making time to review and especially discuss — I’m a talky learner — is going to be equally important.

Not using any of this as an excuse for bad food or bad exercise behaviour is obviously also on tap.