Day 987: Carnival Cure, D&D Methodology

The fair cured me of my floomp! Specifically the Zipper, which is a ride that I never want to get on but always have a blast once I’m on it. Onion rings, a lame horror ride, and seeing serious shade being thrown in the form of passive-aggressive cookie judging all made my day way better.

That is a sick 4H burn. Eating no cookie at all delivers a better experience than this cookie. Wow.

Anyway, I felt a lot better, and I ate terrible onion rings, and we bought a wooden jack-o-lantern that Marisa really liked, and then I had a nap. Later, D&D.

I think the D&D formula is now nailed down: late nap, Dungeons & Dragons, sleep for four hours, feed the cats, sleep for three hours. Boom.

I feel pretty good.

Some reading to do for school, but I also feel on top of that. I’m not necessarily grasping the finer nuances of doctrinal versus non-doctrinal legal research, but that’s what the class is for, right? Learning.