Day 993: Allergy Rollercoaster; Too Much Reading

Allergies are up and down; last night was rough, with snuffling getting me up periodically. I’m also starting to feel the Masters pressure — it’s a lot of reading (170 pages this week alone), and I’m also supposed to be writing comments, and leading a discussion next Tuesday — not saying it’s an impossible load, but it’s definitely a challenging one.

The weekend is going to be radio show (two to go), and reading, reading, reading. This is apparently an atypically heavy week, so the pace is going to let up a bit; this is a lifestyle choice I’m going to have to roll with for the next two years.

On the bright side, the material is interesting! It’s a slog to read in the “academic writing is a pain” sense, but I’m learning a lot, and it’s interesting stuff to learn.