Day 994: Back to Bed!

It’s Sunday! The one official sleep-in day of the week. I’m about to head back to bed, after a 120-page reading and annotation day yesterday — my brain is full — but with a bunch’o stuff to do today as well.

A good day to reboot food tracking as well; it’s been sloppy for a while, and I suspect if I get on the scales right now I’ll be displeased. I’m using the studying thing as an excuse, which I promised myself I wouldn’t do.

I have to confess it’s a lot — which is a good thing in a lot of ways. But it’s pulling almost all my focus, so this is going to be phoned in until the 1000th, and I’m really glad I only have one WAFFLES! left before that concludes.

I’m also frontloading some of the work, which is smart (I hope) — maybe not absolutely the best for grades, but good for sanity and planning.

So: back to bed, then plan my food day, then… more reading! Big brain stuff. Nobody said it was going to be easy!