Day 995 …with a whimper

This is, I’m sorry to say, not going to end with a great thesis. I’m doing fine, but stumbling toward Day 1000 with a lot of work and school juggling — exercise is okay, food is not good but I’m getting back on that today. I haven’t done any Dry and Mighty stuff for a week. Again, that’s not something I’m fretting about; this and the WAFFLES! time will be that time.

The upshot being, I’m kind of limping my way to the finish. I’m happy to be here, don’t get me wrong, but this isn’t going to end with a tremendous essay or a huge shebang.

This sounds more depressing than it is (especially the title!). Things are good! I’m just chuggin’ along here. I just felt like 1000 was a big enough number that it might seem like I should be doing something cool.

I’m not, except 1000 of these things. That’s pretty cool.