Day 996: Running behind!

Nothing too dramatic, just got distracted this morning; normal exercise, good morning so far. About 20 minutes behind because I was INTERNETTING, which I should know better than to do.

Uh… all’s well! This all feels very rote, which is a bit of a shame this close to the end. I’m tracking food again (hooray!) and exercising regularly (hooray!), leading a conversation in my LLM class today (I’m nervous but well prepared; hooray!), Dry and Mighty is a bit stalled because I’m rounding this out and the radio show as well but those’ll be done soon (hooray!).

Man, that’s a lot of good news! Yesterday’s “end on a whimper” was about not having a Grand Thesis for this project to cap it off, but I’m definitely going out on a high note personally and professionally.