Day 998: Maybe… this is holding me BACK?

Insomnia’s goofy!

So one of the can’t sleep thoughts last night… maybe, after the self-affirmation and rocking through the first sobriety hump, the “foreverness” of this project was actually helping me put off improvements.

Maybe that’s a weird crazy insomnia-driven cop-out.

But rounding out the 1000 days, with sobriety in the “success” column and “great fitness” in the “loss” column, my inherent yo-yoiness is a subject of great curiosity, if not a bit of irritation. Not hopelessness; I still think there’s a method or a key out there that’ll get me consistent.

Maybe not doing something daily will get me more focused on long-term, annual gains and out of the “no need to act immediately, tomorrow’s another podcast” mindset. Maybe that’s wishful thinking! I guess we’ll find out starting in… three days?

Also, I think I’m getting a cold.