Day 999: Off track! Ha!

Let’s put a pin in this thing ironically! I think I’m coming down with something — my wife’s been unwell for the last couple of days too — so today was “get up, feel lousy, feed the cats, back to bed.” Kinda doin’ the old snuffle-and-sneeze at my computer right now.

So we’re definitely not ending this project with a bang, but a hopeful note regardless — despite current circumstances I’m energized for Dry and Mighty, work’s going well, and the LLM is … a lotta reading, but under control.

Tomorrow’s the last day of this, but green pastures ahead! Higher education, a cool new project with my wife, and a new health-and-fitness approach that doesn’t stake everything on typing and saying stuff each morning. Will it work? Dunno! But I’m looking forward to finding out.