Day Eighty-Eight: Running 10k

Do you know the easiest way to get yourself to run 10k?

Run 5k in a straight line away from your house. Then realize you have to get back.

That sounds like a joke, but that was seriously the approach to my first 10k of 2017: I thought i’d be doing six. Then I just decided to keep going at 3k out, to 4. And then at 4k out, I thought what the hell.

10K Run March 30 2017
Straight up, straight back.

Nowhere near a great time for me, but running 10k in under an hour, and that’s a good baseline for the year.

The cyclical nature of it all is bothersome… training for three seasons, then a forced break, then starting slower than I finished in the fall. But there are no indoor tracks I can access where I live. And treadmill running is fine, but I’m more committed to the rower at home than a gym membership.

Day 88: running 10k and oh, also Nazis

So I’m feeling better than yesterday about confrontation, and since it’s day 88 of this project — look it up, Nazi-watchers! — I definitely feel better about the whole situation. I gots better places to focus my compassion than white guys that should know better dropping giant steaming turds of ignorance in public spaces.